Hi friends, please welcome to our blog. We are Arief and Trissa, husband and wife, and it’s our pleasure to have you here.

The Husband 🍀

Arief is a software and machine learning engineer. He loves reading and playing games. His favorite book is The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien and his favorite hero in Dota 2 is Io.

The Wife 💛

Trissa is an ophthalmologist and a lecturer. While she’s not reading journals, she loves cooking and traveling to find new food to eat. She recently baked a perfect basque burnt cheesecake.

About this blog

arieftrissa.com is our little home on the internet where we save and share our daily life experiences. We save our stories because we are mere humans and what is human without our memories preserved? We share our experiences so we can learn from each other as we’ve been blessed by reading other people's insights and hopefully, we can benefit you too even a little bit.

Arief handles the technical (and boring) part of the blog, making sure everyone can access it seamlessly. Trissa is in charge of the interesting content to deliver an honest and sparking joyful experience for the readers. In other words, Arief is the brain of this site and Trissa is the heart.

The topics in this blog will not be limited to our expertise and daily jobs. We'll write about our places we visited, food we cook and eat, and anything else that piques our interest. We hope that by sharing our thoughts and experiences, we can inspire you to explore new ideas and perspectives. So join us on this journey, and let's discover the world together!

Cheers! 🍀💛

If you would like to connect with us, you can send us an email at [email protected].